Practice Test

Q1) Which intergovernmental forum has agreed to build a pandemic fund to prevent and prepare for the pandemic? Show Answer

Q2) Which company has signed a MoU with the Inland Waterways Authority of India to build the country's first hydrogen fuel cell catamaran vessel?
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Q3) Which team has won T20I world Cup 2022? Show Answer

Q4) Who has been elected as Chairman of International Cricket Council for 2 year? Show Answer

Q5) RL Kashyap, who has passed away recently, was a famous - Show Answer

Q6) Which armed force has conducted "Prasthan", an offshore security exercise? Show Answer

Q7) Which bank has topped in PSU lenders' list in Q2 Credit Growth? Show Answer

Q8) Amur Falcon is a festival of which state, which 7th edition has recently observed? Show Answer

Q9) The central government will launch the world's longest luxury river cruise from Varanasi to which city? Show Answer

Q10) India has celebrated Happy Children's Day on November 14. In context to the same tell us World Children's Day is observed on which day? Show Answer