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Q1) Which state government has been awarded for Best Practice in Tuberculosis ACSM for its ''Jan Andolan" movement? Show Answer

Q2) Which team has crowned as champions of 4th Tennis Premier League (TPL) 2022? Show Answer

Q3) As per Asian Development Bank what will be the India's GDP Growth for fiscal 2023-24? Show Answer

Q4) Which country has emerged as top oil supplier to India in November 2022? Show Answer

Q5) Which airline company has been awarded the "Safety Performer of the Year" by GMR Delhi Airport Awards?

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Q6) Which country will host an International conference "Standing with the Ukrainian People"? Show Answer

Q7) 8th India International Science Festival 2022 will be held in which city? Show Answer

Q8) 20 new nuclear power plants will be commissioned in India by which year? Show Answer

Q9) The statue of "Mahakavi Subramanian Bharathiyar" has recently inaugurated in which state? Show Answer

Q10) Which bank has launched its sixth annual grants program for social startups in partnership with "Startup India"?

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