Practice Test

Q1) New India Literacy Programme scheme launched by The Ministry of Education for the fiscal years Show Answer

Q2) What is the longest tunnel of Indian Railway? Show Answer

Q3) PM Modi will hold a virtual summit with which nation's Crown Prince? Show Answer

Q4) Which nation's junta leader has been inaugurated as the new President? Show Answer

Q5) Which Union Minister will visit Germany and France from February 18, 2022? Show Answer

Q6) Which year was the world's first chickenpox vaccine rolled out? Show Answer

Q7) Which state government conferred their highest civilian award upon Ratan Tata? Show Answer

Q8) India has signed Work Plan 2022 with which country to reduce trade barrier? Show Answer

Q9) BrahMos supersonic cruise missile test-fires from which coat ? Show Answer

Q10) Popular Malayalam actor and comedian Kottayam Pradeep passed away on February 17, 2022. He began his film career in which year?
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