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Q1) What is the name of India's first privately developed rocket, which has been successfully launched Sriharikota? Show Answer

Q2) Which edition of "No Money for Terror Ministerial Conference" on countering dinancing of terrorism has recently addressed by PM Narendra Modi? Show Answer

Q3) Recently, who has been appointed as the Governor of West Bengal? Show Answer

Q4) Who has become Indian Army's first woman sky diver with 10,000 ft jump? Show Answer

Q5) Recently, India has decided to launch a Young Professionals Exchange in 2023 along with which country? Show Answer

Q6) Recently, how many new countries has signed up for Global Offshore Wind Alliance at COP27?

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Q7) Recently, which edition of Norway- India Joint Working Group Maritime meeting 2022 was held in Mumbai, India?
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Q8) Which organization has launched a report "Living Amazon Report" 2022, which stated that some 35% of the which sta rainforest is either totally lost or highly degraded? Show Answer

Q9) Recently, Union Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat has inaugurated Bengalurhe GeoSmart India 2022 Summit in which city? Show Answer

Q10) Which city of United Arab Emirates will host first global media congress? Show Answer