Practice Test

Q1) The monetary threshold has been increased from 5 crore to how much at 48th Goods and Service Tax meeting for launching legal proceedings against GST offences? Show Answer

Q2) At the 11th Global Food Security Index, what is the rank of India? Show Answer

Q3) Recently launched book "The Light We Carry: Overcoming In Uncertain Times" has been authored by whom? Show Answer

Q4) Who has won golden ball at FIFA World Cup 2022? Show Answer

Q5) Who has been awarded by Golden Boot Award 2022 at 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup? Show Answer

Q6) According to the World Athletics, which Athlete of India was the most written about track and field athlete in 2022? Show Answer

Q7) "Goa Liberation Day" is observed every year on which day of December? Show Answer

Q8) Who has won Mrs World 2022 title after 21 years? Show Answer

Q9) Who has become the first Aftican American to hold the post of president at the prestigious Harvard University? Show Answer

Q10) Which country has own Women's FIH Nations Cup 2022? Show Answer