Practice Test

Q1) Which bank has launched India's first sticker-based Debit Card- FIRSTAP, in association with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)? Show Answer

Q2) 13th Edition of "Naseem Al Bahr" (Sea Breeze) exercise has been commenced between India and which country? Show Answer

Q3) Recently, India has agreed to pursue a ursue a Free Trade Agreement with the regions of which intergovernmental union? Show Answer

Q4) Recently, how many countries have joined together to create a new high-level group "Ambition on Melting Ice" on Sea-level Rise and Mountain Water Resources? Show Answer

Q5) Recently Leith's Softshell Turtle has included in which endangered level? Show Answer

Q6) Recently, Bank of Baroda has opened its first mid-corporate Branch in which state?
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Q7) What is the name of second ship of Project 15B, which has been delivered to Indian Navy recently?
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Q8) The European Space Agency has named what to people with physical disabilities to work and live in space? Show Answer

Q9) Which Broadcasting company has celebrated the silver jubilee or 25 years of its establishment on 23 November 2022? Show Answer

Q10) India's Unemployment rate has ease to how much percent in July-September 2022? Show Answer