Practice Test

Q1) Which state has signed an MoU with Isha Outreach to work together and achieve synergy between 'Cauvery calling' and various government based agroforestry promotion schemes ? Show Answer

Q2) Which company has partnered with UNESCO( the United Nations Educational , Scientific and Cultural Organization) to promote and safegaurd the ' Intangible Cultural Heritage of India? Show Answer

Q3) The government has approved a propoasl to give specific names to all the ------------- , based on regional heroes, freedom fighters, historical events? Show Answer

Q4) Indian mens vollyball team won the bronze medal by defeating Korea 3-2 in the 14th Asian U -18 championship held in which city? Show Answer

Q5) Which bank has been appointed Gopal Jain and DR. Gopalan as the non- excutive director? Show Answer

Q6) Who has been appointed as new chairmanof the Defence Research and Development Organization? Show Answer

Q7) Who will commisssion the countrys first indigenously built aircarft carrier (IAC) Vikrant on September 2 ? Show Answer

Q8) Who among the following won the 2022 UNESCO Peace Prize for ' Efforts To Welcome Refugees'? Show Answer

Q9) Recently, The Anang Tal lake in south Delhi has been declared a monument of national importance , Tradition ascribes this tank to a Anang Pal II , who belonged to--------dynasty ? Show Answer

Q10) The board of IDFC Limited has aproved the appointment of ---------------------- as its Managing Director in August 2022. Show Answer