Practice Test

Q1) Which company has signed a non-building Memorandum of Understanding with Tecnimont Private Limited, the Indian subsidiary of Maire Tecnimont Group, Italy? Show Answer

Q2) Recently, Indian Bank has launched which programme in Rajasthan? Show Answer

Q3) Zeliangrong United Front is associated with which state, which has recently signed a peace agreement with Central Government? Show Answer

Q4) Which state has got approval by Union Home Ministry to change the name of "Mundera Baazar" municipal council and "Telia Afghan" village? Show Answer

Q5) Ministry of Power has inked a pact to install early warning systems for Power Stations with which organisation? Show Answer

Q6) Who has authored the book titled "Forks in the Road: My Days at RBI and Beyond"? Show Answer

Q7) The Ministry of Railways has developed which scheme to modernize over 1000 small stations? Show Answer

Q8) Reserve Bank of India has approved the reappointment of whom as the MD & CEO of Suryoday Small Finance bank for three years? Show Answer

Q9) Which state has achieved the feet of having library in every village in December 2022? Show Answer

Q10) Pushpa Kamal Dahal "Prachanda" has recently sworn in as new Prime Minister of which country? Show Answer