Practice Test

Q1) What is 'Garba' ,which was nominated by India to be inscribed on UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage list? Show Answer

Q2) India announced the establishment of a working group on transnational education with which country? Show Answer

Q3) Indias first commercial space situational awareness observatory is to be establisheed in which state / UT ? Show Answer

Q4) India recently inaugurated the new Indian Embassy in which country ( in August 2022)? Show Answer

Q5) Which state has announced to set up online monitoring system of medicines in government -run medical institutation ? Show Answer

Q6) What is the name of the new model of sustainable development of rivers propsed by Indian Government? Show Answer

Q7) Which major technology company has released the ' Child safety toolkit' and ' Cyber -security upskilling program' Show Answer

Q8) The 300 metre long ' Atal Bridge'for pedestrians and cyclist has been inaugurated in which state ? Show Answer

Q9) Linthoi Chanambam ,who was seen in the news, is associated with which sports ? Show Answer

Q10) The chairman of the LULU Group ,M A Yusuff Ali becomes the first indian to receive premium residency of which country ? Show Answer