Practice Test

Q1) Recently, India has established a new design lab in which city to facilitate space sector start ups? Show Answer

Q2) The "War and Women" which has been launched recently at 52nd Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council written by whom? Show Answer

Q3) Recently, Hitachi Payment Services has named whom as their managing director? Show Answer

Q4) Over a decade later, who has been awarded by Olympic Gold Medal? Show Answer

Q5) United Arab Emirates President has recently appointed whom as their Vice-President? Show Answer

Q6) Hero Motocorp Board has appointed as its Chief Executive Officer? Show Answer

Q7) During the International Zero Waste Day 2023 in New Delhi, how many cities are targeted to achieve a 3-Star Garbage Fee rating by October-2024? Show Answer

Q8) Which company has approved the re-appointment of Praveer Sinha as their CEO and MD? Show Answer

Q9) International Transgender Day of Visibility 2023 has been observed on which day of March? Show Answer

Q10) India's 2nd largest cricket stadium which is to be built in Jaipur will named after whom? Show Answer