Practice Test

Q1) India's first green solar panel factory will be build by Luminous Power Technologies in which state? Show Answer

Q2) Indian Coast Guard has celebrated its 47th Raising Day on which day of February in 2023? Show Answer

Q3) Shanti Bhushan, who has recently passed away, was former minister of which Ministry? Show Answer

Q4) According to finance ministry Nirmala Sitharaman, the Goods and Services Tax collection in January 2023 has reached at ________ lakh crore. Show Answer

Q5) As per the state government of Andhra Pradesh, which city will be the new capital of the state? Show Answer

Q6) Which international organization is observing World Interfaith Harmony Week from 1-7 February? Show Answer

Q7) Union Government has allocated a capital outlay of how much for the Indian Railways in the Union Budget 2023? Show Answer

Q8) According to Finance Minister, The Central Government will hike the capital expenditure outlay for 2023-24 by what per cent to Rs. 10 trillion (lakh crore)? Show Answer

Q9) Which armed force has announced to install a new radar in the Sunderbans area in January 2023? Show Answer

Q10) As per the budget 2023-24, by which year the government has aimed to produce 5 MMT of green hydrogen? Show Answer