Practice Test

Q1) Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated 91 FM transmitters in how many states? Show Answer

Q2) Who has been appointed as new Managing Director of Bank of Baroda? Show Answer

Q3) Recently, Rajneesh Karnatak has been named as new MD and Chairman which bank? Show Answer

Q4) Name the creator of the Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage and former scientist at CSIR, who has passed away recently? Show Answer

Q5) Scheduled commercial banks have reported a robust credit growth of how much in FY23? Show Answer

Q6) Who has won Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2023? Show Answer

Q7) Which state has emerged as the State with the highest market borrowings according to data from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)? Show Answer

Q8) Which state's statehood day has been observed on first May? Show Answer

Q9) The recently launched book "Collective Spirit, Concrete Action" has been written by whom? Show Answer

Q10) Name the director of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, who has been appointed as new chairman of Atomic Energy Commission? Show Answer