Practice Test

Q1) Which state has won the Khelo India Youth Games 2022 Women's Under 18 Qualifiers? Show Answer

Q2) Which international organization has accepted the proposal for International Year of Millets 2023, sponsored by Government of India? Show Answer

Q3) Who has been appointed as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Indian Overseas Bank? Show Answer

Q4) Inacio Lula da Silva has recently sworn in as President of which country for third time? Show Answer

Q5) ISRO and Andhra University will set up an equipment along beaches to predict which natural event? Show Answer

Q6) The recently launched Fifth volume of the Reserve Bank of India has been prepared by a team of writers lead by whom? Show Answer

Q7) Who has won silver at the World Chess Blitz Championship 2022? Show Answer

Q8) Prajjwala Challenge has been launched by which ministry to invite ideas, solutions, and actions that can transform rural development? Show Answer

Q9) India's first underwater metro will become operational by December 2023, in which city this underwater metro is being built? Show Answer

Q10) On 1st January 2023, which country has become the fully integrated European Union Member? Show Answer