Practice Test

Q1) David Willey who has announced retirement from all formats of cricket hailed from which country? Show Answer

Q2) Recently, Goa High court has ordered to create a tiger reserve in which wildlife sanctuary? Show Answer

Q3) Indian Navy is recently decommission which long range Maritime petrol aircraft in October 2023? Show Answer

Q4) Which Indian institute of technology has incubator startup b uilds robot to clean petrol tanks? Show Answer

Q5) The Army Aviation Corps has celebrated its 38th Raising day on which day? Show Answer

Q6) Which state has banned Marine fishing in Olive Ridely turtle habitation corridors? Show Answer

Q7) Who has been nominated to lead the World health organisation south east asia region? Show Answer

Q8) Government of India has approved how much investment to global solar facility and ISA? Show Answer

Q9) In which country is the world's first AI safety summit being organised? Show Answer

Q10) In which dictionary has the word "bazball" related to cricket being added recently? Show Answer