Practice Test

Q1) Which technology has been introduced by Indian railways to prevent accidents caused by elephants on railway tracks? Show Answer

Q2) Where is the COP-28 summit bring organised? Show Answer

Q3) In which state is the hornbill festival organised every year? Show Answer

Q4) Where has the India International Trade fair organised? Show Answer

Q5) Where did prime minister Narendra Modi in a great the 10000th Jain aushadhi Kendra? Show Answer

Q6) Name the author and translator, who has recently conferred with French honour? Show Answer

Q7) Shane Dowrich, who has recently announced his retirement from international cricket, was playing for which country? Show Answer

Q8) Which state has recently celebrated its 61 statehood day on December 1st? Show Answer

Q9) Which insurance company has made a Guinness World record with featureing 19,097 photos from 'Insure India' campaign contributors? Show Answer

Q10) Who has taken over the position of director general ( inspection and safety) of Indian Air force? Show Answer