Practice Test

Q1) With which country India has recently signed first Defence Cooperation Agreement to strengthen bilateral relations? Show Answer

Q2) Reserve Bank of India has appointed whom as executive director? Show Answer

Q3) India's G20 EMPOWER 2023 based on advancing women's leadership in the Private Sector is scheduled to be held in which state? Show Answer

Q4) What is the theme of National Maritime week 2023? Show Answer

Q5) Which country has recently launched Ofek-13 spy satellite into orbit? Show Answer

Q6) Which Government agency has recently celebrated its Diamond Jubilee on 1st April 2023? Show Answer

Q7) Union Minister Sonowal has launched which mobile app of National Logistics Portal Martin? Show Answer

Q8) Which state has topped in India Justice Report 2022 among large states? Show Answer

Q9) What is the name of the new E-Commerce initiative launched by PhonePe? Show Answer

Q10) Who has been appointed as the 40th president of FICCI Ladies Organization? Show Answer