Practice Test

Q1) Name the eminent writer, who has been awarded the prestigious Kerala Jyothi award 2023? Show Answer

Q2) Who has inaugurated a joint workshop with the National science foundation, USA? Show Answer

Q3) India's recently signed mobility and migration partnership agreement with which country? Show Answer

Q4) Which Indian city has ranked food globally in terms of price rise of luxury on homes? Show Answer

Q5) Which government entity has celebrated in 71st foundation day recently on 01 November? Show Answer

Q6) Which company has launched National efficient cooking programme ? Show Answer

Q7) Who has been appointed A chairman of Armed Forces Tribunal? Show Answer

Q8) According to the Edelgive Haroon India's philanthropy list for 2023, who has topped in the list with rupees 2042 crore donations? Show Answer

Q9) Election commission signed and agreement to promote electoral literacy? Show Answer

Q10) Who was inaugurated the domestic selling of the first international cruise liner "Costa Serena" in India? Show Answer