Practice Test

Q1) According to a RBI Study, India would require at what least percent of GDP annually until 2030 for green financing? Show Answer

Q2) Company GetVantage has recently got licensed from RBI for which type of financial institution? Show Answer

Q3) Recently, The first border haat has been inaugurated between India and which country? Show Answer

Q4) Which bank has launched a retail banking initiative called "Vishesh" to create new customers in semi-urban and rural areas? Show Answer

Q5) Union Minister Nityanand Rai has recently inaugurated Dawki land port in which state? Show Answer

Q6) Which day has been observed on 8th of May? Show Answer

Q7) Uttar Pradesh government has approved the establishment of the state's first Pharma Park in which district? Show Answer

Q8) Which government entity has introduced the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) system? Show Answer

Q9) Name the Indian-American who has been appointed as Domestic Policy Advisor in Biden Administration? Show Answer

Q10) Who has won the Madrid Open 2023 trophy under Men's singles category? Show Answer