Practice Test

Q1) Who has been recently appointed as CBI joint director? Show Answer

Q2) Which country has become the new member of the international solar Alliance? Show Answer

Q3) Which West Indies player has recently announced his retirement from international cricket? Show Answer

Q4) Which team won the title of Syed Mushtaq Ali trophy? Show Answer

Q5) Who has become the first cricketer in the world cricket history to be timed out? Show Answer

Q6) Where is the 'second world local production forum' being organised? Show Answer

Q7) With whom has APEDA signed an agreement to promote the export of Indian agriculture products? Show Answer

Q8) Who inaugurated the 'children's science festival'? Show Answer

Q9) Who has won the Brazilian grand pix 2023? Show Answer

Q10) The Indian institute of technology Madras has set up an international campus in which country? Show Answer