Practice Test

Q1) Which state has won the Santosh Trophy national football championship? Show Answer

Q2) Name the Indian writer who has won 2023 PEN/Nabokov Lifetime Achievement Award? Show Answer

Q3) What is the length of the world's first bamboo crash barrier installed on a highway in Maharashtra? Show Answer

Q4) Who has won season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix 2023? Show Answer

Q5) What is the name of recently formed 53rd district of Madhya Pradesh? Show Answer

Q6) What is the rank of India in Electoral Democracy Index 2023? Show Answer

Q7) The 5th Jan Aushadhi Diwas has been celebrated on which day of March 2023? Show Answer

Q8) Who has won the BBC Indian Sportswoman of The Year for 2022? Show Answer

Q9) Who has been sworn in as the Chief Minister of Meghalaya for 2nd term? Show Answer

Q10) Recently, Manik Saha has taken oath as _________ chief minister of Tripura. Show Answer