Practice Test

Q1) Name the Kashmir's first Jnanpith awardee, who has recently passed away? Show Answer

Q2) Who has won the Best Director, Motion Picture award at 80th edition of 2023 Golden Globes show? Show Answer

Q3) Which payment company has got the in-principle authorization from the Reserve Bank of India in January 2023 to operate as an online payment aggregator? Show Answer

Q4) Which Indian cricketer has become fastest player to reach 1500 runs in T20 international? Show Answer

Q5) At the Digital India Awards 2022, which initiative of Government haswon Platinum Award? Show Answer

Q6) Who has appointed as the Chairman and Managing Director of Electronic Corporation of India Limited? Show Answer

Q7) What is the rank of India in Henley Pasport Index 2023? Show Answer

Q8) Recently, India has signed a Memorandum of understanding with which country to encourage corporation in the training of diplomats? Show Answer

Q9) Recently, Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh has released which theme for National Science Day 2023? Show Answer

Q10) What is the name India's first female pilot, who has recently pilot an Indian Sukhoi fighter jet? Show Answer