Practice Test

Q1) Which of the following pair has been
awarded by the Player of the Month for
June 2023 by ICC?
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Q2) Which Indian leader has been invited Which Indian leader has been invited Bastille Day celebrations on 14th July? Show Answer

Q3) Which country has won the 34th International Biology Olympiad? Show Answer

Q4) International Malala Day 2023 has
been observed on which say of July?
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Q5) Which company has become India’s first PSU to Achieve Anti-Bribery Management System Certification? Show Answer

Q6) Recently, RBI has launched UPI QR code for CBDC with an aim to increase the per day transactions of CBDC to how much? Show Answer

Q7) India has bagged how many medals in World Archery Youth Championships, 2023? Show Answer

Q8) Lambani Art set a Guinness World record in 3rd G20 CWC meeting, Lambani Art is related to - Show Answer

Q9) In which country a national health emergency has been declared due to ”Guillain-Barre syndrome”? Show Answer

Q10) In July 2023, who has been appointed as the next Ambassador of India to Lithuania? Show Answer