Practice Test

Q1) When will the Government of India
organize World Food India 2023?
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Q2) Which Indian company has unveiled the space economy vision for 2023-33? Show Answer

Q3) International Girl Child Day has been observed on which day of October?

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Q4) According to the 14th report on States%Ts performance on CPGRAMS, which two states disposed of the maximum number of grievances in September 2023? Show Answer

Q5) Assam cabinet approved how much for new road project under asom mala? Show Answer

Q6) Dahyabhai Shastri, who has passed away recently, was the founder of which college? Show Answer

Q7) The Union Cabinet has approved the creation of which new autonomous body for youth development and youth-led development? Show Answer

Q8) In which state will the 37th National Games be organized? Show Answer

Q9) In which district did UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath unveil the statue of freedom fighter Raja Rao? Show Answer

Q10) Which cricket team has made the record of the biggest run chase in the history of ODI World Cup? Show Answer