Practice Test

Q1) Under which article recently
President of India has appointed Justice Ujjal Bhuyan and Justice S Venkatanarayana BhaHi as Supreme Court judge?
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Q2) Ker Puja festival, which has been celebrated recently, is celebrated in which state? Show Answer

Q3) Which state government has approved two ultra-supercritical thermal power projects in a 50:50 partnership with NTPC? Show Answer

Q4) Which international organisation has released global Multidimensional Poverty Index 2023? Show Answer

Q5) Which state has recently got its first flying training school? Show Answer

Q6) Max Life Insurance has collaborated with which bank to offer comprehensive range of Life Insurance Solutions? Show Answer

Q7) 11 th meeting of the Executive Board of Association of World Election Bodies has been organized in which country? Show Answer

Q8) Recently, Odisha state cabinet has given an approval to the inclusion of which language in the 8th schedule of the Constitution of India? Show Answer

Q9) Luis Suarez, who has passed away recently, was related to which sport? Show Answer

Q10) Which Indian Institute of Technology has developed AI-based model for knee X ray? Show Answer