Practice Test

Q1) Who has been appointed as the Director General of Border Security Force? Show Answer

Q2) Who has resigned from the post of chairman of the selection committee of Athletics Federation of India? Show Answer

Q3) Where did the Prime Minister inaugurate the first National Training Conclave? Show Answer

Q4) World Blood Donor Day has been observed on which day of June 2023? Show Answer

Q5) Who has won the RSL Christopher Bland Prize 2023? Show Answer

Q6) Andy Murray has recently won Surbiton Trophy by beating whom? Show Answer

Q7) Which bank has launched an Interactive voice response (IVR) based UPI solution named "UPI 123PAY"? Show Answer

Q8) The Education Ministry will host the final Education Working Group (EdWG) Meeting under India's G20 presidency in which city in June 2023? Show Answer

Q9) What is the rank of Reliance Industries Limited in Forbes Global 2000 Top Companies list? Show Answer

Q10) What is the name of the child rights advocate who has won the 2023 Iqbal Masih Award? Show Answer