Practice Test

Q1) The recently launched initiatives "The Animal Pandemic Preparedness Initiative" and "The Animal Health System Support for One Health project" will be funded by which organization? Show Answer

Q2) World Art Day 2023 has been observed on which day April? Show Answer

Q3) The G20 Metting of Agricultural Chief Scientist has been scheduled to take place in which city from 17 to 19 April? Show Answer

Q4) According to a report by the Association for Democratic Reforms, which state's CM is the wealthiest in India? Show Answer

Q5) Which session of India-Spain joint commission for economic cooperation has taken place in New Delhi? Show Answer

Q6) Save the Elephant Day 2023 has been celebrated on which day of April? Show Answer

Q7) Recently Chief Minister of Telangana has unveiled how long Ambedkar statue in Hyderabad? Show Answer

Q8) Recently PM Narendra Modi has to inaugurated a methanol plant in which state? Show Answer

Q9) What is the name of the tourist train flagged off recently from New Delhi for Ambedkar Circuit? Show Answer

Q10) According to the Ministry of Railway, "Vande Metro" be rolled out by which year? Show Answer