Practice Test

Q1) Who will be the next Chief executive Officer of Alphabet-owned YouTube? Show Answer

Q2) The RBI has made changes to which type of payment systems for Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA) related transactions? Show Answer

Q3) Recently India has stated which exercise with Japan? Show Answer

Q4) With which country, India has agreed to cooperate in digital infra, climate action, clean energy? Show Answer

Q5) Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated the Jal Jan Abhiyan in which state? Show Answer

Q6) A climate campaign "Don't Choose Extinction" has won two Anthem Awards at the 2nd Annual Anthem Awards. This Scheme was launched by which international organization? Show Answer

Q7) Which government entity has recently launched an AI Chatboat Aadhaar Mitra India? Show Answer

Q8) Which state/UT will host India's First Frozen-Lake Marathon? Show Answer

Q9) Which bank has launched electronic bank guarantee scheme? Show Answer

Q10) Who will be the new Vice Chief of Indian Army? Show Answer