Practice Test

Q1) Honeywell International HON has recently appointed whom as its chief executive officer? Show Answer

Q2) Which state government has approved 10% horizontal reservation for statehood activists? Show Answer

Q3) Which edition of Exercise Sea Dragon 23 has recently begun in Guam, USA between India and USA? Show Answer

Q4) What is the name of FIFA president, who has recently re-elected for another term? Show Answer

Q5) Who has been appointed as US Ambassador to India? Show Answer

Q6) National Vaccination Day of "Polio Ravivar" has recently observed on which day of March? Show Answer

Q7) Which country has recently graduated from the group of UN least development countries? Show Answer

Q8) What is the theme of International Day of Action for Rivers 2023? Show Answer

Q9) Recently, US Senate has named whom as Assistant Secretary of US Air Force? Show Answer

Q10) Recently, Reserve Bank of India has signed MoU with which country's central bank to promote Innovation? Show Answer