Practice Test

Q1) Who has been crowned Femina Miss India World 2023? Show Answer

Q2) Which country has emerged as India's biggest trading partner in FY23? Show Answer

Q3) Which country has recently retained top status in International Flight Safety Standards? Show Answer

Q4) Which bowler has become the fastest player to take 100 wickets in Indian Premier League? Show Answer

Q5) Which Space Agency has launched Juice mission to search for life on Jupiter's moons? Show Answer

Q6) Recently External Minister S Jaishankar has inaugurated Buzi Bridge in which country? Show Answer

Q7) World Hemophilia Day 2023 has been observed on which day of April? Show Answer

Q8) Which country has recently become founding member of International Big Cats Alliance? Show Answer

Q9) Which bank has reintroduce 400 days "Amrit Kalash" retail term deposit scheme? Show Answer

Q10) Which country will chair to chair Common wealth group on reform of financial architecture? Show Answer