Practice Test

Q1) In January 2023, which edition of the bilateral naval exercise between India and France named 'VARUNA' commenced on the Western Seaboard on the 16th of January 2023? Show Answer

Q2) Which state government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the NTPC Renewable Energy Ltd. for the development of Floating and Ground Mounted based Renewable Energy Projects in state in January 2023? Show Answer

Q3) Recently, Pankaj Kumar Singh was appointed as the Deputy National Security Adviser in National Security Council Secretariat for a period of how many years? Show Answer

Q4) Recently, Sweden's state-owned mining company ___________ has discovered Europe's largest deposit of rare earth metals. Show Answer

Q5) Which ministry has presented the National Start up Awards 2022 on the occasion of National Start-up Day? Show Answer

Q6) Recently, which district of Kerala has become first constitution literate district in India? Show Answer

Q7) Which union territory has been declared as a "Free Area" for purpose of the "Prevention and Control of Infectious and Contagious Diseases in Animals Act 2009"? Show Answer

Q8) The National Council for Education Research and Training has released India's first national assessment regulator, named as - Show Answer

Q9) Leading scientist AS Damodaran, who has passed away recently, was the former director of which research organization? Show Answer

Q10) Recently, RBI has released a report stating that the Gross Fiscal Deficit of states is expected to decrease to what percent of Gross Domestic Product in 2022-23, from 4.1% in 2020-21? Show Answer