Practice Test

Q1) Who has won the ITF world champion awards 2023 for the first time after her first grand Slam title? Show Answer

Q2) Indian Navy has signed m o u with which Indian institute of technology for innovation and research? Show Answer

Q3) Who has become the first Indian lady elected to governing council of UNIDROIT? Show Answer

Q4) Norovirus which has recently rised in UK cause which disease? Show Answer

Q5) Vijay Divas has celebrated on 16 December to mark the victory over which country of India? Show Answer

Q6) Sammakka sarakka Central tribal University will build in which state following the Central University (amendment), bill 2023? Show Answer

Q7) DRDO has successfully conducted the tribal of India made high speed UAV from which aeronautical test range? Show Answer

Q8) Which ministry has recently launched LEADS 2023 report? Show Answer

Q9) Which state government recently approached the supreme court against capping of its borrowing limit by the centre? Show Answer

Q10) Which country decided social media limits for under 16 year old child? Show Answer