Practice Test

Q1) The Gandhi Peace Prize for 2021 will be conferred to whom? Show Answer

Q2) Which state has topped in National Water Awards in Best State Category? Show Answer

Q3) Who will lead the recently formed committee to suggest reforms to arbitration law? Show Answer

Q4) Which country has won the Intercontinental Cup? Show Answer

Q5) Recently, Goa's Chief Minister has launched mascot named "Moga" for the upcoming 37th National Games. The "Moga" denotes which animal? Show Answer

Q6) Sustainable Gastronomy Day has been celebrated on which day of June 2023? Show Answer

Q7) The G20 Tourism Working Group meeting along with the Tourism Ministerial Meeting has began in which state? Show Answer

Q8) Which country has decided to adopt IMF mandated method to calculated its Forex reserve? Show Answer

Q9) Who has clinched gold medal in men's compound individual final at Archery World Cup Stage 3? Show Answer

Q10) Which country returned remains of Indigenous Maori and Moriori people to New Zealand? Show Answer