Practice Test

Q1) Southern Naval Command has decided to commemorate birth centenary of whom in November 2023? Show Answer

Q2) The death anniversary of which Indian revolutionary has been observed on 17th November 2023 Show Answer

Q3) Which company has won the prestigious golden peacock Award for excellence in corporate governance for the year 2023? Show Answer

Q4) National epilepsy day 2023 has been observed on which day of November? Show Answer

Q5) Who has been appointed as the Indian and why to the Caribbean community? Show Answer

Q6) Pedro Sanchez has recently re-elected as prime minister of which country? Show Answer

Q7) The international conference on plant health management 2023 is been organised in which city? Show Answer

Q8) What is the name of the fourth anti submarine warfare craft which has launch recently by Indian Navy? Show Answer

Q9) US President Joe by then has appointed whom as a member of the administrative conference of the United States council mark Show Answer

Q10) Which company has bad award to develop green field port in Karnataka? Show Answer