Practice Test

Q1) Recently, Central government has issued the Animal Birth Control Rules 2023, According to it who will set guidelines for it? Show Answer

Q2) Who will be honoured with the Lata Deenanath Mangeshkar award? Show Answer

Q3) According to a report by payment services firm Worldline India, which city has emerged as the top city for digital payment transaction in 2022? Show Answer

Q4) Which Ministry has launched "SATHI" Portal & Mobile App? Show Answer

Q5) Recently, The "Thawe" festival has been organized in which state? Show Answer

Q6) Which bank has launched India's first Voice Biometric Authentication Banking App? Show Answer

Q7) Chinese Language Day 2023 is observed every year on which day of April? Show Answer

Q8) Which country has recently launched its first operational earth observation Satellite "Taifa-1"? Show Answer

Q9) Which city in India will host International Cup in June 2023? Show Answer

Q10) Recently, ISRO has launched which country's satellite TeLEOS-2 in April 2023? Show Answer