Practice Test

Q1) Which life insurance company has won National energy conservation awards? Show Answer

Q2) Recently, which entertainment company has clinched 13 trophies at the promax global awards 2023? Show Answer

Q3) Abdel Fattah El sisi has recently elected as president of which country? Show Answer

Q4) In December 2023 World health organisation of officially acknowledged which disease as a neglected tropical disease? Show Answer

Q5) Which ministry has hosted the "ahead" consultation workshop in Alliance with World Bank? Show Answer

Q6) National skill Development corporation has signed mou with which country to protect rights of skilled labourers? Show Answer

Q7) Government of India has signed 37 billion Japanese yen loan with which bank for India Meerut RRTS corridor? Show Answer

Q8) Who has been elected speaker of Chhattisgarh state assembly? Show Answer

Q9) How many cyber crime police stations has the Uttar Pradesh Government approve to open in the state? Show Answer

Q10) Goa liberation day as recently been observed on which day of December? Show Answer