Practice Test

Q1) What is the length of recently inaugurated skywalk bridge in Tamil Nadu? Show Answer

Q2) The 5,000 year old "Great Grandfather" tree that has been officially declared the world's oldest is a tree of what? Show Answer

Q3) What is the theme of World Bee Day 2023 observed on 20th May? Show Answer

Q4) The book "Guts Amidst Bloodbath: The Aunshuman Gaekwad Narrative" has been authored by whom? Show Answer

Q5) What is the name of Indian Navy's sixth and final Kalvari class submarine, which has begun it s sea trials? Show Answer

Q6) Report "The Billion Dollar Death Trade" has been launched by Show Answer

Q7) In May 2023, Ruskin Bond has written which new book? Show Answer

Q8) International Tea Day has been observed on which day of May 2023? Show Answer

Q9) Recently, which operation has been launched by the Government of India to help the people affected by Cyclone Mocha in Myanmar? Show Answer

Q10) Recently, Mahatma Gandhi bust has been unveiled by PM Modi in which country? Show Answer