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Q1) Who has clinched gold in Asian Junior Squash?
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Q2) Which country has won the World Cup 2023 (Women’s World Cup champions)? Show Answer

Q3) Which state government has planned to organize "Pro Govinda" competition on Janmashtami?
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Q4) Which Tulip Garden has been recognized as Asia's largest tulip garden by the World Book of Records? Show Answer

Q5) Recently, 115th birth anniversary of who has been organised by the Tripura government? Show Answer

Q6) Who has been conferred with the first ever "Udyog Ratna" award instituted by the Maharashtra government?

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Q7) Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited has appointed whom as its new brand ambassador? Show Answer

Q8) Recently, Priya Malik has won gold medal in which category at the U20 World Wrestling Championships in Jordan? Show Answer

Q9) Recently granted of Geographical Indication (GI) tag Matti banana, is a variety native of which state? Show Answer

Q10) Which Indian submarine has recently set a record for the longest deployment with a travel distance of 7000 km? Show Answer