Practice Test

Q1) Where will the Indo-Pacific Armies Chiefs Conference be held? Show Answer

Q2) 'Skills on Wheels’ initiative has been launched by which ministry? Show Answer

Q3) As per the Women Reservation Bill, how much seats will be reserved in Lok Sabha and state assemblies for women?
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Q4) The RBI has approved the extension of Sashidhar Jagdishan’s leadership as MD and CEO of which bank for 3 years? Show Answer

Q5) Which edition of the World Spice Congress has recently commenced in Vashi, Navi Mumbai? Show Answer

Q6) The 35th annual Gandhi Walk has been resumed in which city? Show Answer

Q7) Which country is hosting ASEAN joint military drills?

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Q8) Jammu and Kashmir administration has renamed Udharnpur railway station after whom? Show Answer

Q9) Which state government has launched "Griha Adhar Scheme" to empower state’s homemakers? Show Answer

Q10) Which Union Minister launched the Farmer Loan Portal with Weather Information Network Data System Manual? Show Answer