Practice Test

Q1) London based magazine Condé Nast has listed which city of India as one of the best places to visit in Asia in 2024? Show Answer

Q2) The "Braj raj utsav" in Mathura will be celebrated on November 23 on the birth anniversary of whom? Show Answer

Q3) Recently, Javier Milie has been elected as the President of which country Show Answer

Q4) Which state has won the "best state" award for inland fisheries? Show Answer

Q5) Which state government has launched the "Every Right for Every Child" campaign? Show Answer

Q6) What is the theme of "World children's day 2023"? Show Answer

Q7) In which state is the 54th 'International film festival of India' being organised? Show Answer

Q8) Which player won the player of the tournament title in the ICC men's cricket world cup 2023? Show Answer

Q9) Who has been appointed as the internship executive officer of open AI? Show Answer

Q10) Name the former governor of The reserve Bank of India who has passed away in November 2023? Show Answer