Practice Test

Q1) Lakshmi Ramakrishna Srinivas has been appointed as additional director of which bank? Show Answer

Q2) Malayalam novelist, P valsala, who has passed away recently, was the former President of which academic? Show Answer

Q3) ASEAN-India Millet festival 2023 has been started in which city? Show Answer

Q4) Which Bollywood actor has topped in IMDb's list of most popular Indian stars of 2023? Show Answer

Q5) Saurav Ganguly has been named as the brand ambassador of which state? Show Answer

Q6) Second edition of joint military Exercise AUSTRAHIND-23 will be conducted in which city? Show Answer

Q7) Which country has inaugurated world's largest single sites Solar Power plant? Show Answer

Q8) Which country will the ICC men's under 19 cricket World Cup 2024 will be organised? Show Answer

Q9) In which state has President Draupadi murmu launch the national education campaign name "new education for new India"? Show Answer

Q10) Saffron of which district of Jammu and Kashmir has given the tag of geographical indication? Show Answer