Practice Test

Q1) What is the name of the first Saudi female astronaut who has been sent to the International Space Station by SpaceX? Show Answer

Q2) Garuda Aerospace has collaborated with which aerospace company to manufacture Make in India Drones? Show Answer

Q3) In May 2023, Narendra Modi was conferred with Papua New Guinea and Fiji's highest honour. What is the name of that honor? Show Answer

Q4) Indian Commonwealth Day 2023, has been observed on which day of May 2023? Show Answer

Q5) Which state government has appointed Sourav Ganguly as their tourism brand ambassador? Show Answer

Q6) In May 2023, Indian Railways has recently handed over 20 broad gauge locomotives to which country? Show Answer

Q7) The third edition of "Khelo India" games has recently started in which state? Show Answer

Q8) Who has been elected as the President of Taekwondo India in May 2023? Show Answer

Q9) Who has been elected as the President of International Basketball Federation (FIBA), Asia? Show Answer

Q10) Which payment app has launched RuPay credit cards support on UPI in India? Show Answer