Practice Test

Q1) Name the comptroller and Auditor general of India, who has recently elected as the vice-chair of UN external auditors panel? Show Answer

Q2) Recently ghol fish has declared state fish of which state? Show Answer

Q3) The recently launched 'Agni' initiative with the Government of India is associated with which field? Show Answer

Q4) What is the name of the high-earring black pepper variety developed by IISR? Show Answer

Q5) As a part of the following extended operational development to Africa which Indian Naval ship has deployed at Maputo, Mozambique? Show Answer

Q6) Who has become the first woman to command armed forces transfusion centre? Show Answer

Q7) Inland waterways authority of India has signed and MoU with which company do start movement of e-commerce cargo in Ganga river? Show Answer

Q8) Who was the first woman judge of the supreme court who passed away recently? Show Answer

Q9) In which city did the chief minister of Himachal Pradesh inaugurated the 'Vidya Samiksha Kendra'? Show Answer

Q10) The ASEAN India millet festival 2023 result started in which country? Show Answer