Practice Test

Q1) Recently, India has celebrated 24th April as which day? Show Answer

Q2) Which state government has become the first to use a DNA database for unidentified bodies? Show Answer

Q3) Which government scheme has won the award for excellence in public administration? Show Answer

Q4) Every year on which day of April "World English Day" is observed as a way to honor the language? Show Answer

Q5) Operation Kaveri has been launched to evacuate Indians from which country? Show Answer

Q6) Which day has been observed on 25th April? Show Answer

Q7) Mana village is located in which state which has been declare as the "first Indian village" by BRO? Show Answer

Q8) Swagat Initiative was launched in which state as it has been completed 20 years in 2023? Show Answer

Q9) Who has been appointed as chairman of MMA 1 Federation? Show Answer

Q10) According to the SIPRI Report, what is the rank of India in Global Military Expenditure? Show Answer