Practice Test

Q1) Who has won the FIH goalkeeper of the year award? Show Answer

Q2) Recently, who has launched National Anganwadi cum Créches program? Show Answer

Q3) In which water area has the Indian Navy recently deployed indigenous guided missiles? Show Answer

Q4) Union Minister for tribal affairs Arjun Munda has inaugurated which tribal orientation program for two days? Show Answer

Q5) With which company did the Ministry afrin development has signed and agreement to increase the reach of products of 'self help groups'? Show Answer

Q6) When has the national mathematics day celebrated recently? Show Answer

Q7) VGGS 2024 pre submit seminar on chemicals has been held in which state? Show Answer

Q8) Which company has introduced "paat-Mitro" app for farmers? Show Answer

Q9) Which zone of the Indian railways as launched safety 'panic button' feature for the security of women passengers? Show Answer

Q10) Which state government has initiated tab distribution to class 8 students? Show Answer