Practice Test

Q1) Which state government has been fined Rs. 10 crore by the Principal Bench of National Green Tribunal in March 2023? Show Answer

Q2) Uttarakhand state the government has announced to set up a sports university in which district? Show Answer

Q3) What is the name of the platform launched recently by Indian Government for farmers Insurance Claims? Show Answer

Q4) Who has been appointed as the AHF Athelets Ambassador from India for a term of two years? Show Answer

Q5) Who has won the 2023 Abel Prize? Show Answer

Q6) Recently, Sarbananda Sonowal has inaugurated "Sagar Manthan", the real-time performance monitoring dashboard of which ministry? Show Answer

Q7) Which wildlife sanctuary of Tamil Nadu has decided to declare as the 18th wildlife sanctuary of the sate? Show Answer

Q8) According to the recently released UNESCO report, how much percent of world's population does not have safe drinking water? Show Answer

Q9) What is the name of co-founder of Intel Company, who has passed away recently? Show Answer

Q10) Recently, released book "A Matter of the Heart: Education in India" has been authored by whom? Show Answer