Practice Test

Q1) US President has nominated whom as North Korea Human Rights Envoy? Show Answer

Q2) The United Nations has cut its GDP growth forecast for India for Calendar year 2023 to what percent? Show Answer

Q3) President of India, Droupadi Murmu has approved how many Gallantry awards and other Defence decorations to Armed Forces personnel and others? Show Answer

Q4) Which railway station has been awarded with "Green Railway Station Certificate"? Show Answer

Q5) Recently, Indian Railways has launched "Ideal Train Profile" for which purpose? Show Answer

Q6) In the 12th Session of the Intergovernmental Technical Working Group on Animal Genetic Resources which country has elected as Vice-Chair and represented Asia & Pacific region? Show Answer

Q7) Which Broadcasting company has signed an MOU with National Media Authority of Egypt to facilitate content exchange, capacity building, and Co-Productions? Show Answer

Q8) Reserve Bank of India has approved appointment of whom as new CEO of JP Morgan Chase? Show Answer

Q9) Which country will commercialize world's first photonic-based quantum computer? Show Answer

Q10) Who has been appointed as new General Manager of Central Railway? Show Answer