Practice Test

Q1) John Goodenough, who has passed away recently, was the inventor of - Show Answer

Q2) Who has been appointed as the new Chief Secretary of Punjab in June 2023? Show Answer

Q3) Which country has become second in the world by beating China in terms of road network? Show Answer

Q4) Who has been appointed as the head coach of the junior women's national team by Hockey India? Show Answer

Q5) Who has been appointed as the Director of UNOOSA? Show Answer

Q6) Who has received The Sahitra Akademi Award 2023 for children's literature? Show Answer

Q7) Which university has got top position in QS World University Rankings 2024? Show Answer

Q8) Which state government has launched "Operation Conviction" for cow slaughter? Show Answer

Q9) The recently launched portal "CHAMPIONS 2.0" is related to Show Answer

Q10) Name the female Indian cricketer who has joined MCC World Cricket Committee? Show Answer