Practice Test

Q1) Where did the 8th edition of the Indian Ocean naval symposium (IONS) Conclave of chief (CoC) take place? Show Answer

Q2) Who has chaired the third National conference of chief of secretaries in Delhi on 28 and 29th December 2023? Show Answer

Q3) On which day the state of Madhya Pradesh has recently celebrated "tabla divas" as per the announcement made by chief Minister Mohan Yadav? Show Answer

Q4) Uttar Pradesh has got how much investment in 2023? Show Answer

Q5) Which state has decided to use drone technology for land mapping? Show Answer

Q6) Central Government and ADB secured a $100 million loan aimed at upgrading urban services and tourism in which state? Show Answer

Q7) Which company has donated 4.30 crore to CM relief fund for flood relief in Tamilnadu? Show Answer

Q8) Which city is being developed as India's first AI city? Show Answer

Q9) Bharat electronics limited has recently signed a contract worth rupees 678 crore with which state government? Show Answer

Q10) Which stealth guided missile destroyer was recently inducted into the Indian Navy? Show Answer