Practice Test

Q1) Who is been elected as Malaysia's new king in the rotating monarchy system? Show Answer

Q2) The 15th tribal youth exchange program has been inaugurated in which city? Show Answer

Q3) How many medals has India won in para Asian games 2023? Show Answer

Q4) Government of India has decided to impose a minimum export price of how much on per tonne on onion till December 31, 2023? Show Answer

Q5) Who has presented the maiden "NIB" (Navy's Intellectual Beacon) to Cdr M Arun Chakravarthy? Show Answer

Q6) The annual festival "Mera Houchongba" has been celebrated in which state? Show Answer

Q7) Who has inaugurated the 4th Annual Conference of Indian economics? Show Answer

Q8) The recently launched "Dark Patterns Buster hackathon 2023" is associated with which field? Show Answer

Q9) Hindustan Aeronautics limited has signed MoU with which company to manufacture LEAP engine parts? Show Answer

Q10) Recently PM Modi has inaugurated 37th edition of National games in which state? Show Answer