Practice Test

Q1) Where is India's largest agri waste based bio CNG plant being set up by Adani Total gas limited? Show Answer

Q2) Which countries have recently joined the EU's schengan area partially? Show Answer

Q3) India has agreed to help which country in promoting research and education in the Sanskrit language? Show Answer

Q4) Which Indian has won the ATP 2024 Miami Open master 1000 mens doubles title? Show Answer

Q5) The 61st raising Day of which government has been celebrated on 1st April 2024? Show Answer

Q6) Who has won the 2023 annual hockey India Balbir Singh Sr. award for the men player of the year? Show Answer

Q7) What was the name of only mizo top grade artist of akashvani, who has passed away recently? Show Answer

Q8) Who has been appointed as Ireland youngest prime Minister? Show Answer

Q9) Which state's foundation day has been celebrated on first April 2024 ? Show Answer

Q10) Who has been elected as the new chairman of the automative tyre manufacturers' Association (ATMA)? Show Answer